Personalized Travel Coffee Mug
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Personalized Travel Coffee Mug

16 oz stainless steel travel tumbler. Screw-on spill-proof lid with thumb-slide closure. Stainless steel exterior with plastic liner. Non-skid rubber base. Fits most automotive cup holders. BPA Free.

Starting at $6.50 ea. 144 pcs+

Unit Size:
7 1/4”h x 3 1/4”diameter
Imprint Area:
1 1/2”h x 2 1/2”w
Case Weight:
25 pcs / 14 lbs
Case Dimensions:
18 1/2″ X 18 1/2″ X 8″
Production Time:
5 – 7 Working Days
Stainless Steel / Plastic

Product Description

Personalized Travel Coffee Mug

These personalized travel coffee are a great way to support your brand by placing your logo in front of the user. Build a culture around warm drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and your brand. Popular coffee shops regularly have all a verity of mugs for you choose from with their logo on them.


Did you know? 

A study conducted by Cornell University has shown that hot chocolate contains more antioxidants than wine and tea, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Also, Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products. 69 percent of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they deemed it useful. Available in green, red, blue, black and orange to match your brand color. Personalized travel coffee mugs are dishwasher safe and usually leaves a long lasting impression on the user since it may be used on weekly basis.

Travel mugs (introduced in the 1980s) generally employ thermal insulation properties for transporting hot or cold liquids. Similar to a vacuum bottles, a travel mug is usually well-insulated and completely enclosed to prevent spillage or leaking, but will generally have an opening in the cover through which the contents can be consumed during transportation without spillage. As the primary mechanism by which hot (not warm) beverages lose heat is evaporation a lid, even a thin plastic one as used on disposable coffee cups which conducts heat quite quickly, also serves a vital role in keeping the drink hot.

Mugs with inner and outer walls, but not vacuum treated, are generally called double wall mugs. Usually stainless steel will be used for the inner wall while outer wall can be stainless steel, plastic, or even embedded with other materials.

Mugs designed for usage when driving are called auto mugs or commuter mugs, as they enable users to enjoy a beverage while driving. Travel mugs have a spill-proof lid with a sipping opening & in many cases, a narrower base, so that they will fit into the cup-holders that are built into many vehicles. Additional criteria for evaluating auto mugs include: they must be easy to open single handedly (to prevent distractions while driving), include a fill line (to prevent over-filling, which contributes to leaking), preferably have no handles (no-handled mugs are easier to grab while driving), should not obstruct a driver’s view of the road when he or she is drinking, and – with regard to cup-holders be able to fit, stably, into a wide range of mug holders.

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