Pull Up Banners 24x92
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Pull Up Banners 24×92

What is a Pull Up Banner?

A portable Pull Up Banner is designed to save space and to setup fast at your next exhibition. The durable aluminium retractable stand comes in Silver or Black and stores your rolled banner inside to protect it when traveling. Simple to setup, pull the top edge and place the back extendable poll to hold it up. After use, simple remove the back pole and the banner automatically retracts back into the aluminum stand to store the banner. The Banner is made from durable satin fabric.


Product Description

Pull Up Banners 24×92

This pull-up banner is the perfect addition to any professional setting and can be used to drive traffic to a trade show booth or Retail store through your front window. Highly popular banner for it’s easy setup and portability, no more rolling up banners nor hanging banners with cords.

DOWNLOAD Pull Up Banner Template
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Pull Up Banner Includes:

  • Silverstep travel bag (28 1/2″ x 12″ x 4″)
  • Retractable base w/end caps
  • Telescopic pole
  • One top clamp bar w/ends caps or Velcro
  • Support pole
  • Free Layout Design

Standard Production Time: 3-4 Business Days after purchase (Shipping time not included)

Weight: 14 lbs

Template Size: 24″W x 85″ to 92″H (with a 6″ bleed on bottom).
height may also adjust from 44″ to 57″ and 65″ to 78″ when bungee cord is cut

Replacing Pop Up Banner Graphic

First remove the end caps from either side of the bar. These are needed to lock the clamp in position. Next, open the clamp bar. This channel is where you will insert your banner or graphic. Position the bar as needed to locate the label with an arrow and “INSERT” on it. Point the label up and slide your banner or graphic into the bar. When you have adjusted your banner close the top bar to secure it in place. You will want to work from the center and press out toward the ends to assure a flat and even hold. Lastly clip the end caps back on either side to lock your banner or graphic in place.

That’s it! Your banner or graphic is ready to hang and you are ready to impress! Want to add even more impact? Check out these custom screen printed corporate tablecloths.

Additional Information

Stand Color

Black, Silver


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