Trade Show Booth Etiquette

Trade Show Booth Etiquette

One of the most popular methods of presenting information to visiting delegates is by using retractable banners. They are printed rolls of plastic that can be stretched out and presented. After finishing up, they can be rolled into its base to become extremely compact.

When placing banners in front of your booth, it is advisable to place your banners in such a way that they are not too close to other booths and they do not block the view of bystanders to materials and contents of other booths. Ideally, banners should be placed at least 3 feet back from the front edge of your booth.

Another way of interacting with delegates and showcasing information is by having a TV in your booth. It could be used to provide delegates with a live demo or showcase some activity or attraction that you offer. During the conference, there are no specific guidelines that make use of headphones a necessity in case you use a TV in your booth, however, courtesy dictates that you keep the volume low and try not to disturb other delegates.

Another alternative for placing banners in your booth is to place them on top of a table. It gives them greater visibility; they become easy to read and are much more successful in attracting attention.

Also, presenting candies and toffees to delegates at your booth may be a good idea to attract crowds and extract their attention. However, one has to ensure that the sweets offered are each packed separately, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

Another innovative way of decorating a booth is to put up photographs of acts and artists on a wall displaying showcase and regular events that you offer and are willing to promote to delegates. It is usually a very simple, effective and attention capturing design.


Each booth presenter is provided with a table. Ideally, it should be placed at the back of the booth to allow people to enter the booth easily. However, as an exception, the table may be placed in front of the booth. For example, an author may wish to sit in front of his booth and sign copies of books for his fans.

Another common strategy is of using multiple TVs, each attached with a pair of headphones, to allow multiple delegates to enjoy different acts at the same time.

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