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Promotional Drawstring Bags


Versatile drawstring bag with adjustable loop corners. Made with 210D nylon.
Reinforced corners, sturdy cord.
Starts at $5.25 ea. 100 pcs
Available Colors:
Orange, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Red, Black, Purple

Unit Size:
13.5W x 18″H
Imprint Area:
8″W x 9″H
Case Weight:
200 pcs / 24 lbs
Production Time:
5-7 Working Days
210 Denier Nylon

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How To Use Promotional Drawstring Bags To Promote Your Business

Whether you are trying to spread the word about a new product or service that your business is offering, want to increase brand awareness, or need a marketing channel that provides long-term results and value, promotional bags are an excellent choice. Not only are they extremely cost effective, they can be used in many different ways such as:
At Universities
Customizable drawstring bags are perfect for using as a giveaway on university campuses. Students appreciate receiving free bags that they can use to carry their books to and from class. Since they will be used often, you will receive a lot of exposure resulting in better results for your promotion.
During Trade Show Gifts
Promotional drawstring bags are also a great choice for trade shows. With drawstring bags, you will stand out since most booths give away pens or keychains. As a result, you will have more people visiting your booth at trade shows which means more exposure for your business, product, or service.
As Promotional Giveaways
You can also use promotional bags as a giveaway. Not only are the bags themselves valuable, they can be used for drawstring gift bags since they are easily filled with other items. This can make winning a bag as a giveaway or door prize valuable and result in positive influence for your brand.
For Corporate Events
If you are going to a corporate event, promotional bags are also an effective option. Like with giveaway bags, you can use promotional bags to hold marketing materials and other corporate information for business relationships so you have a multi-channel approach with your promotional products.
In Fundraisers
Drawstring fit bags are great items to give away for fundraisers. Not only do they work as a simple giveaway, they can also be filled with other products and used as drawstring gift bags that feature your company’s logo or business information that can be given as a reward for any donations.
During Sporting and Concert Events
Customizable drawstring bags are also great choices for sporting or concert events as well. People need bags to carry souvenirs and other items during your event which means you will easily be able to give away functional products. Since they will be used regularly you actually receive a lot of brand exposure at concerts and sporting events, resulting in higher ROI for your promotional bags.