How to Print My Trade Show Table Covers


1. Do you offer any kind of discount for non-profit and/or governmental organizations?

We offer 3 special discount through out the year.

2. What type of material are you tablecloths made from?

All of our tablecloths are made from 100% polyester. This fabric is flame and wrinkle resistant to meet trade show standards. Table cover corners are rounded off to prevent accidents by foot traffic.

3. Are the colors provided on your website the only colors you use? Can you color match if you don’t have a certain color?

All of our 44 standard colors have been pre-selected to cover most of the popular colors. Custom dye cloths is available for orders over  1000 and take up to 3-4 week to manufacture.

4. What type of payment options do you work with? (e.i. American Express)

All orders are pre-paid using any major credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery), PayPal, check, cash, gold and silver.

5. Why is there such a big difference in price for a regular tablecloth and a photo tablecloth?

The difference in price is based the production time. It takes 3 times longer to print full color table covers because the large format printed needs to cure while it prints the fabric. Special fabric is also used for full color cloths.

6. We have a tablecloth that needs modification, would you be able to provide us that type of service?

We avoid modifying or printing tablecloths that have not been manufactured by us. Issues with  sizing and alignment, fabric type are some of the issues we come across. We always recommend to start from scratch.

7. For your tablecloths, what is the largest a logo can be printed on them?

For the screen printed tablecloths you are looking at a max imprint area of 16″x42″ on the front  drop of the cloth. Sides and back of cloth is also available for print (additional charges apply). For our full color table cover and table runners you have the option to print the entire item from edge to edge at no additional charge.

8. Are you able to dye tablecloths with a custom color?

Only on order over 1000 pcs.

9. We have a trade show coming up, do you make booth backgrounds as well?

We also offer stand up banners and vinyl banner with grommets. Please call for details.

10. Can you custom size a table skirt or cloth to fit a freezer or any other item?

Yes, we specialize in custom covers. You must submit a diagram with dimensions and several photos for our reference. Some test fitting may be required. Additional charges will apply.

11. What material are your table runners made from?

Our fabric is made from 100% polyester. Poplin fabric is also available for an additional cost, please call for details.

12. How big are your table runners?

Our standard table runner are 28″x96″.  Larger table runners  60″ wide are available upon request for both screen printed and full color. Please call for details.

13. Do your table skirts have Velcro or clips? Does it go all around the four corners of the tablecloth?

Our skirts come with either Velcro or clips, please clarify when ordering. Yes, our skirts go all the way around the table. Shorter skirts are available. Please let  your customer service rep know what size of table you are working with.

14.   On a fitted tablecloth, can you print a logo on the top of the tablecloth instead of in the front?

Yes, all cloths included fitted cloths can be printed on the top of the table. Please indicate when ordering.

15. Can I distribute your product.

We do offer trade pricing to pre-approved distributors, please call for more detail.  Larger order qualify for price breaks.

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